Linator is a product by Albix AS. An updated version with improved user interface supporting the latest browser versions on different operating systems is currently in beta stage.

The updated version, planned to be released in september 2008, will be the first version released by Albix AS, after ownership was transferred from Funkweb AS.

New version features:
- Restructured and logical graphical menus
- Secure login
- New backend for improved speed and security
- Improved database structure for greater speed and flexibility

Contact information is not fully updated througout this website. For further details and a beta preview, please contact:

Christer Michaelsen

Albix AS
Foretaksregisteret NO 986 924 000 MVA

Grefsenkollveien 9 C
0490 Oslo

Tel: +47 21 69 64 70

Linator is a web publishing tool. A website created using Linator is capable of displaying the contents of a database in a variety of ways.

For same-time publication in: graphic, text and PDA
The graphic version can be controlled directly from the keyboard.

The publishing system is ideal for companies wanting structured websites and for publishing where the emphasis is on accessibility.

Linator offers multiple benefits
These pages provide information on Linator's keyboard and screen based cross navigation system and on multi-publishing on a variety of platforms. Linator makes it easier to create the underlying structure of the website. Web pages created using Linator, are automatically linked together.1 || sizeof($dokTemaer)) include("nyhetTema.php"); ?>